Indianapolis Code Camp Wrap Up

Saturday was the first  Indy Code CampMike Wood, Dan Hounshell and I drove up together and each had the opportunity to speak.   I did my presentation on WPF for Developers and I think it went pretty well.  I paced it a little better this time and actually had time to talk about all of the slides and not fly through the ones at the end.  The attendees represented a wide range of experience with WPF, from some who were brand new to WPF to those who had WPF applications in production.   If you attended my session and have any suggestions on how I can improve it, please let me know.  You can use my contact form to send me a message.  And if you attended the code camp and have not filled out your evaluation, you can do that here.

After speaking, I attended several sessions on Silverlight, applying  AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming) to business objects, TDD with ASP.NET MVC, and WCF.  I enjoyed all of the sessions and as usual, came away with a few ideas that I'll try out for myself.  There was a good mix of speakers from around Indianapolis and outside the area.   It was good the chat with my tweeps and meet some of them in person.

I especially enjoyed speaking at this event because it was another step in breaking down the invisible barrier between Indiana and Ohio created by the Microsoft district boundary.   We're in the Heartland District here in Ohio, while Indiana is in the Midwest District.  Indianapolis is about the same distance from me as Columbus, but I know so many more people in Columbus than in Indianapolis.  I wrote about not recognizing many speakers or attendees in my wrap up of IndyTechFest last year.   It's great to have the opportunity to speak in Indianapolis and I hope to get some speakers from Indianapolis to speak at the Dayton .NET Developers Group.

And speaking of IndyTechFest, this year's event will take place on Saturday October 4 and more details should be available soon.  I enjoyed last year's event and I will very likely attend again this year.

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