Michigan Tour - Day One

Today I did my software architecture presentation for a group at Domino's and for the Great Lakes .NET User Group (GANG).  The presentation at Domino's was a "lunch and learn" meeting.  We all gathered in a conference room, with Domino's pizza, or course.  I had previously done this presentation only at user groups, so it was a change to be talking to people all from one company.  There were several questions and discussion about how what I was talking about applied to their situation, and I got to learn a little about what they are doing at Domino's.

This evening, I did the same presentation at Great Lakes .NET User Group (GANG) at the Microsoft office in Southfield.   I think it was well received and there was a lot of interaction from the attendees, both questions and comments.   And the food wasn't pizza!  It was wraps and chips, and was quite good.  I had several conversations after the meeting about the presentation and other topics, including a Delphi programmer considering switching to .NET.  Having made that transition a while ago, I assured him it was a fairly painless transition from Delphi to C# language wise, but learning all the class libraries is another thing.

This was the first developer group I've attended outside of the Cincinnati-Dayton area.   And I have to say that it was pretty much the same as the meetings I've attended in Cincinnati and Dayton.  As someone said, geeks are geeks.

If you're in Michigan, reading my blog, and have somehow avoided seeing this presentation, you should know that I'll be doing it again on Thursday at the Greater Lansing User Group .NET (GLUG.NET).   I hope to see you there.

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