Michigan Tour - Day 2

After starting the day with a little relaxation and watching some of the tournament games, I headed out toward Lansing for the Greater Lansing User Group .NET (GLUG.NET) meeting.  But before the meeting, I was able to stop by and visit TechSmith along with Jeff McWherterTechSmith creates screen capture and recording tools including SnagIt, Camtasia Studio, Morae, UserVue, and Screencast.com and is located in Okemos, which is a suburb of Lansing.  (I've used SnagIt for several years now and it's a  great product.)  Courtesy of our host, Betsy Weber, Jeff and I were able to talk with one one the lead developers of their Screencast.com product about their development process which has a lot of elements from Scrum.  It's always good to hear from groups using agile development and hear about what works for them and the challenges they face.  And I walked away with some swag, which was great because as the speaker, I couldn't get any at the user group meeting.

After our visit to TechSmith, Jeff took me over to the Michigan State campus for the Greater Lansing User Group .NET (GLUG.NET) meeting, where I gave my software architecture presentation.  Once again, I had a lot of good questions and conversation, but I think the presentation ran a little shorter than at Great Lakes .NET User Group (GANG).   Pizza was available and consumed.  After the meeting, a bunch of us continued our discussion at Bennigan's over a few beverages, which Jeff tells me has been a tradition since the group began.

It was a great way to end my Michigan tour.  Tomorrow I head home, hopefully before the snow gets here.

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Anonymous said...

Joe, it sounds like you had a great time in Michigan! Hopefully you made it back okay. I think I've heard you give this presentation. I would guess you had some great discussion along the way. I'm looking forward to hearing about them.

Joe Wirtley said...

I did have a great time and made it home before any snow. I hope to do a wrap up post some time soon once I get over the cold I picked up and do a little paying work.