Why attend CodeMash?

First, you might win a Wii.  I'm not saying that I know that anyone is giving away a Wii.  I'm just saying that every time I've attended CodeMash, I've come home with a Wii.

Second, to quote Jim Holmes, "it's at a freakin' indoor water park".  In January.  In Ohio.

Third, only $175 for two full days of great sessions (that rate is good only until 1/5).  And if you attend this year, you'll likely qualify for the alumni rate next year ($110 this year, not that I'm saying they will offer an alumni rate next year.  Or that they will be giving away Wiis).   And I know you'll want to go next year after attending this year.

Fourth, keynotes by Scott HanselmanBrian Goetz, and Neal Ford.

Fifth, so many other sessions your head will spin.

Sixth, if there's not a session you're interested in (not likely), there will be open spaces.  Or see the second point about the "freakin' indoor water park".

Seventh, it's a much needed break from the drudgery of work you've likely been experiencing these long weeks after the holiday season and a great way to start the new year.

Eighth, it's a chance to socialize with all of your favorite regional geeks.

Ninth, when you're reading all of our blog posts about how great CodeMash v2.0.0.8 was, you're going to wish you were there.

Convinced?  I hope so.  And if you're going to be there and actually read my blog, contact me so I can be sure to look you up when I'm there.

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