Go to CodeMash, Win a Wii!

In addition to attending many great sessions on a variety of topics, and having the opportunity to talk about continuous integration, my trip to CodeMash was capped by winning a Wii! I didn't have the opportunity to play it while at the conference, but I did see that someone was there playing pretty much every time I walked by. And I admit, I've played it a little since I got home... but I did sleep eventually.

There was a lot of great swag, including a ton of books, two Xbox 360's, a portable DVD player, an iPod Nano, and the Wii I was fortunate enough to bring home. So if the enticement of attending a conference with great speakers and interesting attendees in an indoor water park is not enough to get you to come to CodeMash 2008, remember that the swag will probably be even better next year.

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