Still Installing

Well, the install finally finished formatting the disk and appeared to be going well.   It started up and everything looked good.  Then I tried to connect to the Internet.   And there's no connection.  So I check out the device manager and the Ethernet connection on the motherboard has the dreaded question mark by it.  So I view the properties and ask it to reinstall the driver.  It lights up the CD for a while and can't find anything appropriate.  It offers to look to for a driver on the web... which doesn't get me too far.

So I have to switch to another machine and try to find the right driver, after I check out the BIOS to see exactly what Intel motherboard I have.    And when I find the motherboard I have, it doesn't appear that they have a driver for Windows 2003 Server.  So I subscribe to the driver RSS feed (a nice idea!) hoping there will be one at some point.  And in the RSS feed, there's an entry about a LAN driver that says it supports Windows 2003!  So I download the driver.

The good news is that the driver appears to be working, and I'm now doing the standard Windows Update thing to get all of the latest patches before I do anything else.  What fun!

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