Even more user groups at Max

This month sees two new user groups at Max Technical Training in Mason.  The Cincinnati Programmers' Guild will be meeting the third Wednesday at Max starting September 19 (meeting starts at 6:30, no pizza).   I've been a long time member of the Programmers' Guild.  One reason I enjoy the group is because it is "non-denominational", it's not a .NET group, or a Java group, or a Ruby group; it's a group for software developers.  Through the years, there have been meetings on a wide variety of topics, including .NET, Java, Ruby, PHP, Perl, security, job skills for developers, agile processes,  installing Linux on the Xbox, etc.   The meeting on September 19 will be Teresa Grote of Composable System Innovations talking about Sharepoint 2007.   For the October 17 meeting, I will be talking about caching in ASP.NET.

The second new user group starting at Max this month is the Cincinnati SQL Users Group which will be meeting the fourth Tuesday of the month, starting September 25 (meeting starts at 6:00).  The SQL user group is a brand new group, and this will be the inaugural meeting.   At the first meeting, Jason Follas will be describing how to Exploit the XML Capabilities of SQL Server 2005

And in addition to hosting these two new groups, Max is providing a special discount to people attending the September meetings of the SQL group or the Programmers' Guild.   If you attend one of these meetings, you can get 15% off a class of your choice at Max if you register before October 25.   Many thanks to Max for hosting these new groups and many others.  I plan to be at both of these user group meetings and hope to see you there.

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