Scott Cate - Model-View-Presenter at Dayton .NET Developer Group

Scott Cate spoke tonight at the Dayton .NET Developers Group on Model-View-Presenter (MVP) in ASP.NET (and WinForms). I enjoyed the presentation and it was different than a typical user group presentation. He had no PowerPoint slides. He created all of his code from scratch (no snippets even). Because of this, he was able to show and explain step-by-step the rationale for using the MVP pattern (and more generally the value of interfaces). And it was a good thing he was starting from scratch, since there were some technical difficulties with his laptop and the projector, so he did the presentation on a borrowed machine. The downside of his create from scratch presentation is that he really only demonstrated the basics of MVP; I would have preferred a more advanced treatment of the topic in real life.

And there was plenty of swag, including licenses for ReSharper and CodeSmith and many great books. The best news about this presentation is that you still have time to see it. Scott is doing the same presentation again Tuesday in Cincinnati at the Cincinnati .NET Users Group. And again Wednesday at the Central Ohio .NET Developers Group. And again Thursday for the Northwest Ohio .NET User Group. So if you're a .NET developer in Ohio, there should be somewhere this week you can catch this presentation.

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Chris Strolia-Davis said...

Hey Joe, I totally agree that it was great to see the demonstration built from scratch.

It would be good if we can get Scott to come back sometime and show a more in-depth example too.

Joe Wirtley said...

I like the idea of an additional presentation with advanced material and I would definitely support Scott coming back to the user group to present again.