Finding MSDN Events

The easy way to find MSDN Events is to go to the MSDN Events site.   The problem is that you can only find the "current" MSDN event on this site.  At this point, I've already attended the event being promoted.   And if there's a link to the next event, I have not been able to find it.  So I should be able to go to the events site and find it, right?  So let's try  It has a nice listing of national events and web casts.  But why do I care about the Microsoft Momentum event in Bethesda, MD?  So I try advanced search, which has many ways for me to include and exclude words I want to search for, and no way to limit geography.  So I can search for all of the MSDN events nationwide.  Very useful, if I actually want to browse through pages of events.  Can't say I want to do that.

Luckily, there is an answer at another event site:  At this event site, I can choose the Find Events and Webcasts option and get a search with a location option.  And I can easily find that the next MSDN event in Dayton is August 28.   Why are there two completely different event sites?  I'm sure there's some reason.  I just hope that the one with the search by location stays.

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