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I've never thought much about photos on blogs. Then today, when I was browsing through the listings of people blogging about CodeMash, I ran across a blog with a photo of the blogger. And I recognized the person as someone I chatted with at the Cincinnati/Dayton Code Camp last year. If I had not seen the picture, I would not have recognized this person by name. Then I thought about all of the people I meet at user groups, whose faces I recognize and names I forget as soon as they tell me. And I'm wishing they all had blogs with photos to help me connect names and faces.

So I came home tonight and put my picture in my blog... and my blogger profile, and my Technorati profile. I won't subject you to it in this post itself, but if you are interested, you can see my picture on my blog. And please post your picture on your own blog.

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Zorka said...

Joe, it is funny you posted about this as I have had my photo on my blog(s) for awhile and I have to say that it really does help you connect. Probably why Yahoo bought out MyBlogLog.Com. I know some people think it is egotistical or something like that but really it isn't.

When I am at meetings or conferences or whatever, I always have people that say, hey you're so and so just because I have my picture on my blog. I say go for it.

When I see you at CodeMash I'll know who you are now!

Joe Wirtley said...

Thanks for the comments. Looking forward to seeing you at CodeMash!

Michael said...

Great meeting you at CodeMash Joe! I told you about the other blog posting about wanting blogger photos removed on the same day you made this post, well here you go. :)