Developer Events this Week

There are several developer events this week that you might want to attend.  On Monday, the Cincinnati Java User Group will have James Carman discussing Advanced Wicket.  On Tuesday, the Cincinnati .NET User Group will be having a panel discussion from  Ed Sumerfield, Tim Apke, and Jim Holmes on Software Development: A Career.  Both of these meetings will be at Max Technical Training in Mason.

The latest ArcReady event will be Wednesday morning at the Microsoft office in Mason.  The topic presented will be Architecting for Scalable and Usable Web Applications.  According to Dan Rigsby, who saw the session in Indianapolis, it was a valuable session.  Register at the ArcReady site if you're interested.

On Wednesday, I will be speaking at the Cincinnati Programmers' Guild and will be doing my presentation on Pragmatic Software Architecture and the Role of the Architect.  Like the other user groups, this meeting will be held at Max Technical Training in Mason.  If you haven't seen this presentation and are interested, it is likely one of the last times I'll be doing it locally (or maybe at all).

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