Upcoming Regional Developer Events

There are number of upcoming developer events in the region.  All are full day free events on Saturdays.  Some are full, but are accepting stand by registrations.   If you haven't been to one of these events, I highly recommend them as a good way to spend some time away from your job with people who are enthusiastic about software development.  It's a good opportunity to learn about something you may not be using in your day to day work, such as F#, Boo, LINQ, WPF, WCF,  Sliverlight, Astoria, or Wiimote and some topics that may help your everyday work including SEO, MOSS, ASP.NET, or TFS.

Central Ohio Day of .NET The Central Ohio Day of .NET (CODODN) is the first upcoming event, happening this Saturday April 19. Registration is full, so register early next year!

I'll be doing a WPF presentation first thing in the morning, so check it out if you're there.
image The next event is the Indianapolis Code Camp on the following Saturday, April 26, which is also sold out but accepting standby registration.

I'll be doing my WPF presentation here also.
WM Day of .Net May 10, 2008 - I'll be there! The next event is a little further afield.  On May 10, the West Michigan Day of .NET will be held.  As I write this, registration is still open.

I'll also be speaking at this event but will be doing my Pragmatic Software Architecture and the Role of the Architect presentation.
Cleveland Day of .NET The Cleveland Day of .NET will be the last regional developer event of the spring on May 17.  Registration is open on the site, but does require that you have an OpenID.

Sessions and speakers have not yet been announced for this event.
PodCamp Ohio, June 28, 2008 PodCamp Ohio on June 28 in Columbus is a little later in the year and not a developer event, but I thought I'd mention it here.  PodCamp Ohio is a FREE UnConference focused on podcasting, blogging, new media and social networking. I'm not podcasting and don't have any plans to start in the near future, but I plan to attend to learn more about podcasting and talk about the social web.

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