You've got to be kidding

Just tried to unsubscribe from some InfoWorld email newsletters at the unsubscribe page.  Go check it out.  I'll wait.

I got to the page by clicking a link in an email they sent me, meaning they already had my email address.  Of course, when I got to the page, they hadn't filled in my email address. Or actually checked what I subscribed to.  Instead, I get a text box to enter my email address then 41 check boxes that I can select to unsubscribe from that individual newsletter.  No way to select all of them, or even groups.  No hint as to what I actually subscribe to.

So, guess how I determined there are 41 check boxes checked?  I counted each one as I checked it to unsubscribe from every InfoWorld newsletter.

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Jeff Handley said...

Ouch! I've seen crap like this before, and it ticks me off.

Here's what I've done to feel better about my life when faced with having to spend those precious moments clicking checkboxes...

Instead of (un)checking the boxes by hand, I jump to the address bar and write a little javascript call that will loop through all checkboxes on the page and (un)check them.

At least that way it's almost like programming, and the time feels productive.

Joe Wirtley said...

Ticks me off too, which is why I ranted.

You obviously have much more appreciation for Javascript than I do. I never wrote a lot of Javascript and don't write any now that I'm spending my days working with WPF/WCF.

Jeff Hunsaker said...

1105 Media (Redmond Mag) spams me daily with their "partner" offers. I can't remember how many times I've unsub'ed. Great magazine...poor customer/subscriber services.