Microsoft marketing off the rails

No, not that Rails. Believe it or not, more Heroes happen {here} nonsense from Microsoft. Just ran across a story on Slashdot about a daily Heroes happen {here} comic strip. From the Microsoft site: "The HHH Comic Series is a daily web comic that adapts tech stories from actual IT Professionals and Developers - a web comic that reflects the real lives of IT Hero's such as you." (Grammar mistake is a quote...) What in the world are they thinking?

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Maggie L said...

Have you seen their recruiting site: ?
This is a little off the rails too.

Joe Wirtley said...


I had not seen that site. It is a little out there. At least it is a little entertaining (and didn't require Silverlight). The web comic I looked at on the Heroes happen here site just wasn't funny (in addition to the whole thing being ill conceived)


J Wolfgang Goerlich said...

I see the Heros Happen {Here} as a good bit of fun. Haven't we all felt like a hero at one time or another?

Who knows, if Chuck Dixon et al come up with some good ideas, Heros Happen might pick up the same traction as Dilbert and xkcd.