Heroes Happen Here?

Heroes?  Really?  A little hyperbole?

One of the items in my swag bag from CodeMash was a schedule of the launch events for Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008, the so called "Heroes happen {here}" event.   Unfortunately, there's not going to be a launch event in Cincinnati.  The closer ones are:

March 20 Columbus, OH
April 3 Indianapolis, IN
May 22 Louisville, KY (handout says this is the 15th, but the site says 22nd)

I'm probably going to end up at the Indianapolis event since I'm going to be speaking at the Northwest Ohio .NET User Group  on March 20.  You can register for the launch event at the Heroes happen {here} site.

I understand that the Windows marketing people have to do something, but Heroes happen {here}?  First of all, I don't get it.  And heroic is not a word I apply to software development.  Give me a break.  My suggestion for next time would be to redirect the marketing genius budget toward an event in Cincinnati.

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