CodeMash Day 0

Posting from CodeMash.  There is some wireless signal in the room, but not much.  But since I brought my own cat 5 cable this year, I actually have a network connection.  I only wish I would have brought the long one so I could be writing this at the table rather than the bed side.  I could always drag the table over I guess...

The opening panel discussion on "Technology for Humans: Selling Your Ideas, Products, and
Services" was pretty good.  Barry Hawkins made the most amusing comments, but all four panelists had good input. 

Chatted with several people at the Kahanuaville bar before I called it a night.  That's it for day zero.  I'm looking forward to day one.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Joe, thanks! Glad you enjoyed the panel. That was a great CodeMash, looking forward to next year.