My wife scrambled eggs this morning.  When she finished, she left the pan and plastic fork  on the stove.  She used a three tine plastic fork.  It's annoying how the egg hardens on the tines and becomes a pain to remove.  

When I scramble eggs, I like to give whatever utensil I use a quick rinse immediately after I'm done.  In general, when I cook, I like to rinse things as I go along, because I know it will make cleaning much easier.

As I was trying to remove the egg from that fork today, I was thinking about software development  and how often we do the same thing.  Instead of taking care of problems when they're small and it would be easy, we ignore them because we're in a hurry.  We let the little problems grow into cruft.  We let cruft grow into design debt.   We end up with  applications that cause terror when our customers need them to change.

So I  need to ask, can we all just rinse the fork?

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