SOA Applied?

For the second night in a row I was at Max Technical Training in Mason for a user group meeting.  Tonight it was the Cincinnati .NET Users Group.  Brian Prince from Quick Solutions spoke on service oriented architecture (SOA).  I always enjoy hearing Brian speak, and tonight was no exception.   He presented a good high level introduction to SOA and talked about some of his experience with SOA.  Which leads me to one gripe; as described on the CINNUG web site, the topic was Applied SOA, and there was not much in this presentation about the application of SOA; it was a fine presentation, but addressed theory rather than practice.

There is certainly an art to choosing presentation titles; the wrong title can set up the wrong expectations and leave people disappointed, even with a good presentation.  I realized this after my Code Camp presentation this spring when some of the comments I received after the presentation led me to think that my title misled people to believe it was an introductory level presentation, when I actually assumed that attendees were familiar with caching basics.

To make it three user groups in a row, tomorrow I plan to attend the Dayton .NET Developers Group meeting.  Bill Wagner will be speaking on generics.  If you're in the south Dayton area, stop by for what I anticipate will be a great meeting.

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