PDF reDirect

In one of the applications I'm working on, I need to test printing from my application.  Since I expect to be printing a lot while testing, I downloaded PDF reDirect v2 from EXP Systems.  There's a free version and pro version available; I'm using the free version.  It's a virtual printer, meaning that you can create PDF output by just printing from any program.  It's a painless install.  And it works great for my purposes.  When you print to the virtual printer, it pops up a preview window that shows a small version of the PDF and allows you to open up the PDF file by just clicking on the small version.  So I can check out the printed output and just close the window when I'm done. 

The user interface is somewhat quirky;  I was trying to save printed output to disk today and it took a minute to figure out how to do that.  But that is a minor complaint.   If you're looking for a way to output to PDF, I definitely recommend that you take a look at PDF reDirect v2.

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