Installing Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1

As described in a recent blog post, I finally took the leap and installed the Visual Studio 205 Service Pack 1.  It was quite an experience.    The first hint that it was going to be fun was when it said depending on my configuration it would take several minutes or several hours to install.  Just what I wanted to hear...

So I started into the process.  It took about ten minutes to get the a dialog asking me if I wanted to install, followed shortly by the EULA.  Followed shortly by:

Web Application Projects 

I have to say that I wish it had not taken ten minutes for them to tell me I needed to uninstall the Web Application Project.  And for that matter why didn't it just uninstall it?

But I played along and uninstalled the Web Application Project and started the service pack again.  After another ten minutes, I got to the EULA and thankfully there were no more prerequisite uninstalls... so it cranked along for a while.  The next interesting dialog box was:

Time Remaining Zero

The interesting thing about this dialog box is that it displayed long enough for me to get a screen capture of it, which was approximately ten minutes.  I love it when that happens.

The entire installation took about about an hour and a half, not quite the entire time it took me to watch Serenity.

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