One week until Dayton-Cincinnati CodeCamp

One week until the Dayton-Cincinnati CodeCamp (or the Cincinnati-Dayton if you're far enough south). Surprisingly, it looks like the registration is still open and still completely free (for a full day of information and a free lunch). If you're not already registered, I would highly recommend the event. Last year's CodeCamp was great, and from the look of this year's session list, it will be even better.

And I'm not only saying that because I will be speaking this year. I'm happy to have my presentation during the first time slot, so I'll be able to do my presentation, then kick back and enjoy the day; I'm definitely looking forward to being an attendee at this event. It's going to be one of those days where there are two or more sessions I want to attend for almost every time slot... Check out the session list for youself and see. I hope to see you there.

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