PureText is a utility with one purpose; it allows you to paste content from your clipboard as plain text. Before I had this utility, there were many times I would copy text from a web page or document and want to paste it into another application as plain text. And to do that, I would open up notepad, paste the text in and copy it back to the clipboard before I could paste it to the final destination. Yes, I know that sometimes there is an option to paste as plain text, but many times there is not.

It is simple to paste content from the clipboard as plain text using PureText. In the default configuration, you can just press the Windows hotkey + V to paste as plain text. If you prefer not to use the hotkey, you can click on an icon in the tray to convert the clipboard contents to plain text.

I'm posting about this tool in recognition of the official launch of Windows Developer Power Tools from O'Reilly. It describes virtually every free and open source tool except PureText. I exaggerate slightly, but there are over 170 tools for Windows development in the book and you'll definitely find something to make your life easier. Check it out.

Link to PureText Home Page

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Ryan Hamilton said...

So simple, yet extremely useful. I find myself using the same Notepad method to strip formatting several times a week. Thanks for pointing out this great little time saver.

Jim Holmes said...

Thanks for posting up on Tools Day, Joe!

And also thanks for writing for the book and helping make it such a great value for developers.

PCLicious Video Tutorials said...

Like Ryan Hamilton, I did the notepad thing. After looking for a better solution I tried HovText but PureText outshined it! I created a video tutorial to show people how to install and use PureText effectively.

Video Tutorial: PureText, Paste Unformatted Text With Ease Increasing Productivity!