Dayton-Cincinnati code camp was great

To add my voice to the chorus, this year's code camp was even better than last year. Great presentations. Tons of swag. I attended sessions on MbUnit, SQL 2005, real world agile development, database refactoring, and WCF and enjoyed each one. There were so many great sessions that in several time slots I had to choose between two or three that I would have liked to have seen.

Big thanks to Mike Wood for spearheading this year's code camp. Big thanks to the contributors who made the event possible and supplied the swag. And thanks to all of the other support staff who gave up part of their day at code camp to make sure everything ran smoothly for the rest of us.

I also had the opportunity to present a session on caching in ASP.NET. The material for my session, and all of the code camp sessions, are available here. If you attended my session and have any feedback, please let me know. You can contact me here.

If you didn't attend this year, watch for it next year. Where else can you see a free day of great sessions on .NET and other programming topics?

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